1. iMessage will be a thing of the past. Somebody will preach that Samsung’s are better than iPhone’s, needless to say the debate will last your full 3+ years. In turn group chats will be redirected to WhatsApp and you won’t look back.

  3. Deciding if you are from the north or the south will be a 3 year debate. Questions such as ‘what do you call this?’ when clearly, it’s a bread roll, followed by ‘omg say that again’ because your accent will be funny. You will come across new words, like tipple, which for those who don’t know, means what’s your favourite bev.

  5. Despite your mum providing you with a mini first aid box, no amount of paracetamol or lemsip will refrain you from catching freshers flu.

  7. You can do a full night out on under a tenner. Side note: Pre-drinks are key.

  9. By the end of first year, half your lecture theatre may look super sporty but don’t be fooled. This is a quick fix for those 9am lectures when you have had a heavy one the night before with Naughty Horse.

  11. Pasta is a regular meal choice, however sadly this is not one of your five a day.

  13. Labeling your milk may seem a little extreme but sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Measures being the key word. Your milk will occasionally disappear or in fact, evaporate and nobody in your flat will know anything about it. Odd, I know…

  15. For those who haven’t joined a society, cleaning the kitchen is seen as a team exercise. However not all flat mates will participate. Bin duty comes around once a week. And whoever has the shortest tempter will end up taking it out. Beware of bin juice…

  17. Tv series can be tackled within a day. Your only movements will be for snacks or toilet breaks and as a uni student this is totally acceptable.

  19. The person you meet on the first day of fresher’s you think will be you BFF. Fast forward 3 months down the line and you’ll have ditched each other and be forced to exchange awkward “hi”’s when you pass on campus.

Post by Lydia May

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