Guy Number One
Passed his sell by date

The 30-year-old who graduated 6 years ago, also known as the male version of a cougar. Often out on a Tuesday and normally located at the bar ready to offer you a drink. You accept the free drink but that’s as far as your intentions go as his tight shirt is showing more than you’d ever like.


Guy Number Two
Step up Wannabee

Here in Birmingham R&B music is a thing of life, but unfortunately this comes with a selective group of lads who think they are auditioning for Step up 3. Or even worse, believe they could give Channing Tatum a run for his money. Buying you a drink is last on their priorities. With the outcome most likely leading you to go home with a black eye from their unimpressive ‘shapes’.


Guy Number Three
Mr. forgetful

Sadly, not all men can be kept on their leash and some often enjoy a run around the park. This guy is a given, he will chat to you all night, find common grounds and complement your outfit choice… only to remember before the night comes to and end he in fact has a girlfriend. {inserts roll eye emoji here}


Guy Number Four

Arrives with a group of friends clearly on the rebound from his past relationship. This group is often encouraged by Jaeger bombs and their ‘wingman’ of a friend. They are 100% looking for more than a snog and aren’t exactly subtle about it.


Guy Number Five
The Groper

A girl’s worst nightmare. Besides the fact you look great (and yes, you already know it) said guy feels the needs to confirm all your assets are, shall we say ‘on point’. You’re trying to enjoy a night out with your friends when he’ll sneak up behind you. Erm hello, its 2017 where is your respect?


Guy Number 6

The only cheese us girls want on a night out is on our chips at the end of the night, however this isn’t always the case. We’ve all been there. A guy who is worse for wear and confidence levels are sky high, he asks if you fell from heaven? Needless to say, us girls don’t stick around for that mush.


Guy Number 7

His weekend agenda follows a bottle of Cîroc and a potential bottle of Champaign. The advantages of talking to him include a nicer area to sit and a few free drinks. A word to the wise, DO NOT ditch your girls for this guy, his eyes often wonder and when the next best thing walks in you might just find yourself back at the bar ordering a single vodka mixer. Well, it was nice whilst it lasted.

Post by Lydia May

Instagram: lydiamayjeffery
Twitter: _LydiaMay