Ideal for celebrating and bloody terrible for hangovers. A drink devised for those of a higher class, or so they say. It’s knock off champagne but we’ll let you think your better than us. I give it two weeks until your trying to sneak Aldi’s own vodka into the club.


By drinking vodka you’re essentially saying, ‘let’s get fucked’. You’re the life and soul of the party and can’t turn down a night out. Whether is Tesco’s own or flavoured Absolute, this drink burns a hole in your bank account and throat.


Up and coming, or so they say. If you’re a student and your drinking gin your probably wearing one of your dad’s shirts and sweater vests. You’re the joker of the group and an old spirit, but maybe it’s time to switch up your choice of spirits.


Cheap and cheerful. Your student loan is clearly coming to an end and bloating doesn’t faze you. This is the only six pack you’ll encounter any time soon.


A drink which we encounter on the hope we come across classy and elegant. Oh, and it’s cheap. But unfortunately, wine doesn’t only go straight to our hips but also to our head and heart, perfect for getting white girl wasted and crying over your ex.


Your either skint, baby-sitting your overly drunk best mate or a straight up pussy. WKD might have been great when you’re 15 and getting drunk in a field but things have matured a bit since then.


One word. Fearless.


Jager Bomb
A student’s best friend. If you’re night hasn’t peaked, three Jagers for a fiver sounds like all your birthdays came at once. Despite knowing this is a life-threatening combo you quite frankly don’t give a shit. For that, we salute you.


This drink contains 21% alcohol. You’re out for a good time and nothing more. You know your limits and making your 9am won’t be an issue.

Post by Lydia May

Instagram: lydiamayjeffery
Twitter: _LydiaMay